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Apex POV

            My breathing was slow as I tried to drift to sleep but it hurt and I was scared. The past couple of weeks I woke with nightmares, very horrible ones. Death, madness and confusion racked my head every night. The first nightmare I had was so bad. The nightmare was that I was alone in a fog and my teammates weren’t there. Then something with yellow stilted eyes rose from the darkness, entirely black only a silhouette except for those eyes. Then something garbled from its mouth and it launched at me, teeth closed around my abdomen as I tried to run. I could hear my bones crunching and the pain was so unbearable, I woke screaming. Gia and Balistar woke startled by my scream comforted me and calmed me down. So I started to sleep outside but I knew they would notice so I waited till they fell asleep and went outside. My nightmares started to clear but only slightly, I couldn’t tell what that beast was and what it was saying but it sounded like chaos will reign and then he came after me like every time, in my dream, he’d find me, I run, I hide but he would always find and my death became more violent and painful. I woke up every time.

    Now you guys are probably thinking it’s just a nightmare nothing more but the next day after the nightmare, I was sparring with Gia when she hit me in the chest. It wasn’t a hard punch but it hurt so much to me that I doubled over in pain. When Master Boaddai checked me over, he told me I had two broken ribs and didn’t know where I got them but Gia and Balistar did. They told Master Boaddai about the nightmare last night and he asked if I had another nightmare to tell him but I didn’t and the nightmares got worse. I was scared and I didn’t want to burden anyone else with it so I gently drifted into another hellish dream.

    Unbeknownst to little Apex, two entirely green eyes were watching him as he struggled in his sleep. Then they disappeared into the night. 

Zane POV

Zane remembered that day too well. That day where he stated to lose people he cared about and had hurt. The shadow had taken over and then left but when it did, the damage was done and he was kicked out of the monastery. He remembered Ky and Maya's faces, the hurt in their eyes. Zane winced as a memory of a little child's eyes with hurt flashed through his mind. He joined Lokar but Zane knew it was because of Lokar, he lost them. Even though he wasn't their friend or comrade anymore, he still cared about them. One day, he'll get his revenge on Lokar for them. A soft ringing noise caught his attention. Well the past is done and the present he had to focus on. Another kairu deposit had appeared.

Unknown POV 

5 minutes earlier 

    A white tiger cub was in cave crevice hiding shivering in fear as her parents were fight a monster of sorts. The cub had heard of monsters from her parents but did not believe in them but her heart and mind said there was one outside attacking her parents. 

    A roar racked the cave and the cub shook scared. Her father was lying still and he didn't move. Her mother was fighting and her iron plated armor was doing little to help protect her. The monster raised his sword like arm and smashed the cub's mother into the ground. The female tiger was then thrown into the wall where her child was hiding. The cub saw mother stare at her and was going to run to her when her mother whispered, "No. Don't move they'll get you." Her mother closed her eyes.  The cub then heard voices the monster and someone else. 

    "Project Apex Predator is a success. Come let's get you back to normal and get home. We don't need anyone getting suspicious. Lokar won't know what will hit him." The voices and footsteps disappeared. The cub ran to her mother but she didn't move and the little cub laid down and cried not noticing her mother's armor glowing bright blue.
    Things are often not what they appear to be.

    Before Zane was banished from the monastery. 
    Today was a normal day. I woke up and ate whatever Mookee made. Well more like I
threw it outside while he wasn't looking. Ky hid a chuckle when he saw that. Leaving the X-Scrapper with Ky, Maya called me over.

"Hey Zane,Ky. How bout a parkour race through the forest. Losers eat Mookee's cooking for a week."
Maya said to us with smile on her face.

"Really, Maya last time we had a parkour race. Zane beat us both and your best record time." Ky replied back. 

"Well Ky, I have been practicing maybe i'll beat Zane and my record time." Maya said back to Ky while looking at Zane.

"Well Maya, I am the fastest back on my home planet, Drakuna and those morning and freestyle runs aren't cause i want to stay skinny." Zane said with a half-smile on his face. Maya smiled.

"Well let's not stay here and jabber about it then. Let's go!!" Ky said running to the edge of the forest. Zane and Maya following short behind. 

    The 3 got into position and started the race with Zane already in the lead. Zane moved fast easily swinging the branches of the forest with Maya 10 feet behind him when suddenly blackness filled Zane's eyes and he blacked out. When Maya saw her friend fall from the branches and hit the forest floor, she immediately dropped to Zane's side. when Ky came upon the scene and saw Zane unconscious, he ran to get Master Boaddai and brought Zane back to the X-Scrapper.

    When Zane came to, Maya and Ky were looking at him with worried eyes. "Primo Zane. What happened? Maya told you just dropped down like you were hit with a brick!" Ky explained with a worried look on his face. 

"I really don't know Primo Ky. I just blacked out." Zane said sadly. Maya and Ky just looked at him and Maya finally said, "Well at least you're okay."

Zane just smiled and replied,"Yeah. Come on I think we're missed training. Let's spar before night come." The trio left to spar unbeknownst to them was someone watching them.  "Well I did not mean to hit the green skinned alien boy but this is an interesting development. I may get a better warrior then i wanted."the unknown person smiled maliciously. Ky and Maya didn't realize they were gonna lose their best friend.